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Cable Television

Cable television is a system that provides television picture and sound through signals that come through fixed optical fibers, or coaxial cables. Cable television includes many features and options that can greatly enhance your television watching experience, without emptying your wallet. There are many features of cable television service for cable customers including HDTV, video on demand, and DVR.

Quick Cable Television Benefits Overview

Cable television service allows you to:

  • Get HDTV quality picture and sound quality with your cable television package
  • Experience video on demand which allows you to select videos to watch online or on your television
  • Browse through movies, sporting events, music videos, children's shows, health programs, premium channels and more with your cable television video on demand service
  • Record live TV, future programs, or rewind with DVR so you never miss a thing!

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HDTV stands for High-definition television and is a digital television system that produces an incredibly clear, vivid picture quality that standard-definition cannot match. In fact, HDTV produces the best television audio and video available to consumers today. HDTVs come in different resolutions: 720p, 1080i, and 1080p. These numbers represent how many lines are embedded in the signal, and the letter indicates the type of scan the HDTV uses to display the picture, therefore the higher the number, the higher the resolution. Major Cable providers broadcast high-definition channels that are complimented with an HDTV. Learn more about HDTV.

Video on Demand

Video on demand, or VOD, has become one of the most popular features offered by cable companies, putting thousands of high-definition videos at your fingertips. Video on demand technology allows consumers to select videos to watch online or through their television sets. A cable provider's video on demand library can consist of thousands of movies; network and premium channel television programs; sporting events and highlights; children's programming; music videos; health and fitness fare; news and weather information; and more. Some of these programs are free with your cable subscription. Learn more about Video on Demand.


DVR, or digital video recorder, is a device that records video in a digital format to a memory device within special DVR hardware. With DVR, you can set your DVR to record a future show, or record as you watch live television.DVR allows you to rewind your favorite show to re-watch a favorite scene, or go about your daily routine without worrying about missing your program. A pioneer in DVR technology is TiVO, which began in 1999. Since then, major cable providers have offered digital video recording technology with their cable service packages.

Cable Television Benefits and Savings

Cable television is an affordable feature that comes loaded with popular features such as video on demand, high-definition broadcasting, and DVR technology. You can save money by bundling your cable high-speed Internet, cable television, and digital phone service into one convenient bill and low monthly rate. Want to find the best cable television and bundled service options for you in your area? Enter your zip code into the Broadbandinfo service locator above and let us do the work for you!