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Internet Hardware and Equipment

The Important Stuff: Devices That Get You Online


Confused about whether or not you need a router, access point or Ethernet card?  We’re here to help clear up your technical quandaries.  Computer hardware can be confusing, especially with all of the networking options available today. While some providers will lend or lease equipment such as modems, chances are, you will be responsible for buying your own.  Sometimes it’s more cost efficient than leasing from your provider anyway.

Cable Modems

General Information About Cable Modems:

Brand Name Cable Modems:


General Information About Routers:

Brand Name Routers:

  • D Link Router
  • LinkSys Wireless Router

Sound Cards

General Information About Sound Cards:

Brand Name Sound Cards:

Other Gear

 Look for More Computer Hardware and Internet Accessories

Our Guide to Internet Hardware Depending on Your Connection Type

  • If you have:  Cable Internet Access
    Then you need:  a cable modem, an Ethernet card and a router, depending on your needs.
  • If you have:  DSL Internet Access
    Then you need:  a DSL modem and possibly a router or wireless router.
  • If you have:  Wireless Internet Access
    Then you need:  an access point (unless you plan on only using public hotspots) and a network card.
  • If you have:  Dial-up Internet Access
    Then you need:  A computer that is compatible with a phone cord, phone line modem.
  • If you have:  Satellite Internet Access
    Then you need:  a satellite dish from your provider and one or two modems (for uplink and downlink).

How to Get Started

Go to your local technology or computer store and ask a representative to point you in the right direction for your equipment needs.  Most sales people really know their stuff and are full of helpful information.  Be sure to ask about the absolutely necessary equipment, like modems and routers before you buy any of the fancy accessories.

You can also look online to compare prices of each component before buying.  With all of the competition in the technology industry, getting a discounted price is easier than you would think.

Best Buy.com

Radio Shack

Circuit City.com

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