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Cable Modem Splitter and Do-It-Yourself Cable Installation FAQ

There are a number of people who choose to install their digital cable broadband service themselves as opposed to waiting for their provider’s technician to come and do it for them. This can be a confusing process and can potentially cause problems with all of your cable services.

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One of the more difficult components to do-it-yourself cable broadband is setting up cable modem splitters. There are a number of cheap, faulty products that can end up doing more harm than good. Cable modem splitters, or hubs, serve the purpose of allowing multiple computers to access a single digital cable broadband signal. Using a cable modem splitter as opposed to purchasing multiple cable modems can save you a great deal of money on the overall cost of service. (http://www.broadbandinfo.com/internet-access/broadband/default.html)

The following questions are commonly asked regarding cable modem splitters.

What is a splitter?

A splitter is a device (passive) that is used to distribute (or split) a signal into two or more paths so it can be collected by multiple receivers simultaneously. The resulting split causes a weakened signal.

What is an Ethernet hub?

Ethernet hubs are types of cable modem splitters through which a single network cable is split into a series of separate network cables. (Each of which connects to a different computer.) In essence, a small-scale network is created.

Is an Ethernet hub the best option to choose for a cable modem splitter?

An Ethernet hub will certainly get the job done, however, many Ethernet hubs have been replaced by network switches to improve performance. Switches are also referred to as intelligent hubs.

What is the difference between an active cable modem splitter and a passive cable modem splitter?

Active cable modem splitters run on power and serve the purpose of trying to reclaim some of the lost signal strength that results from the split. If you are splitting a single signal five or more times, you might want to consider purchasing an active cable modem splitter.

Passive cable modem splitters do not require power, and simply serve the purpose of splitting a signal. Signal strength obviously decreases when using a passive cable modem splitter.

Do I need to have multiple IP addresses if I’m splitting my cable modem?

No. Although cable broadband providers generally recommend that you do purchase an additional IP address for each and every time you split the signal, it is not required in order to do so. In fact, it can lead to a security risk in terms of sharing certain files and / or folders.