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Cable Modem Tweaks to Improve Your Internet Connection Speed

All modems make it possible for established communications channels to support a wide variety of data communication. Similar to other modems, a cable modem receives and sends data by modulating and demodulating signals. However, cable modems differ from other modems because they also function like routers. Broadband Internet data is delivered into the home or office over a coaxial cable line that also carries television signals. The information travels like a TV channel through the coaxial cable line. The cable modem separates the data from the television signals and directs the data to the PC and video to the television.

Traffic as a Source of a Slow Cable Internet Connection

Local traffic is the biggest speed cap that plagues cable modems. Cable modems work on a network/grid that connects to a T3 router running at 45 Megabits per second. Depending on where you live, you could have a busy grid, or a not-so-busy one.

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Then there is Internet traffic. Your best bet if you really need the speed is to pick a time where not as many people are on. There is a noticeable difference in traffic between 2 AM and 6 PM.

Improving the Performance of Your Cable Modem

There are a number of ways to improve the performance of your cable modem.

Unlike old fashioned dial-up modems, there isn't a whole lot you can do to increase the speed of your cable connection. You can tweak the way your broadband Internet cable connection sends the data/packets back and forth. If you are new to this whole thing, there are a number of programs that will automatically set the best values for your connection. Some of the most popular programs are:

EasyMTU I-Speed Intelli Dial-Up Smartalec Smartplay

There’s also Web browser called Voyager 5000 made by Smartalec that’s much faster than regular Internet Explorer. Updating the drivers on your NIC (Network Interface Card) can give you the most noticeable speed boost above everything else. Some good places to check for drivers would be: www.drivershq.com, www.download.com, and even www.altavista.com.

Improving Your Cable Internet Speeds with Connection Teaming

Midpoint has a feature called connection teaming. Connection teaming combines multiple connections to the Internet for increased bandwidth. Along with connection teaming, the software splits large files being downloaded into multiple smaller parts and downloads each part at the same time along each connection. Cable modem companies sometimes allow you to purchase additional IP address for a monthly fee. @Home does this for $5 per IP address. @Home caps your bandwidth per account, not IP address - but at the very least, it might increase the efficiency of your connection and allow your throughput to closer reach your capped maximum speed.

On a very basic level, your computer's performance also affects your Internet performance as well. If your computer isn't running at its best, neither will your broadband Internet connection.

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