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Common Problems and Fixes for Cable Modems

Cable modem issues can be frustrating and time consuming. If you suspect that your Internet connection issues are caused by your cable modem, read below to discover what some of the most common problems are and how you can fix them.

Cable Modem Signal Strength Suspicions

An important thing to keep in mind with cable modems is that even though they’re plugged into the same place you plug your television into, cable modems need a much cleaner signal in order to work properly. To check your cable modem signal, take your television out to the ground block and plug it in. A ground block is used to keep dangerous high volts and currents from entering your wiring by things light nearby lightning strikes and from getting into your structure.  If you’re still experiencing problems, then you’ll need to call the cable company. If, however, the problem goes away, then you’re faced with an internal wiring problem. If you live in an apartment, however, you will not have access to the ground block – sometimes your best bet is to call the cable company and get old or faulty wiring replaced.

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Various Cable Modem Data Lights Keep Flashing

All cable modems come with a series of lights on the front of the unit. These lights will help you determine whether or not your cable modem is connected properly. If the link LED is turned on and stays on, then your cable modem is connected to the service provider and is online. If, however, the link LED keeps blinking and the US or U2 LED never turns on, then it’s probable that you have a signal level problem between your cable modem and your cable service provider. In this case, you call your cable service provider.

If you find that the link LED light keeps blinking, but the US or U2 LEDs periodically turn on and then off, the signal level between your cable modem and your cable service provider is probably fine. However, this could mean that your cable service does not have your cable modem’s details correctly entered into their database. Simply call your cable service provider to update your cable modem details.

Cable Modem Problems for Wireless Users

Cable modem issues for wireless users can be especially frustrating because it’s not uncommon for one computer to have a connection while another one does not. There are a number of simple solutions for this problem. One method is to simply disconnect the cable modem from its power source and then plug it back in. Doing so can reboot the modem and restore the signal strength. If you are still not able to connect to the Internet, try unplugging the modem and then turn off the computer. Turn on the equipment again, starting with the computer first, then the cable modem.