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What is Bandwidth and How Does it Affect Broadband Connections?

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth refers to the range of frequencies from the highest frequency signal element to the lowest.  The most common context in which the word bandwidth is used today involves computer networking.  When discussing computer networks and the Internet, bandwidth specifically refers to the data transfer rate.  The data transfer rate involves how much information can be transferred from point A to point B within a specified period of time.  Bandwidth is typically measured in bits per second, commonly known as bps. 

How Does Bandwidth Affect Broadband Connections?

A faster Internet connection is appealing to everyone.  The faster we retrieve information and transfer data, the more time we save.  Bandwidth and your broadband Internet connection go hand in hand.  The more bandwidth that you are allocated, the faster your transfer rate will be and the faster your broadband connection speed will be. 

The amount of bandwidth you are allocated is based on demand.  If your computer is operating on a network, there is a certain amount of bandwidth given to that network.  When one computer is uploading and downloading large amounts of information, it uses a large amount of the bandwidth and other computers within the same network are allotted less bandwidth space.

When there is only one computer connected and using bandwidth, the broadband connection and speed will be fully optimized.