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What Charter Phone (VoIP) Services Will Offer You

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a technology that converts audio signals into digital data that can be transferred over the Internet. VoIP is quickly replacing the traditional telephone lines because of the superior auditory quality and lower cost. Many telephone service providers are already making the switch to VoIP and are finding easy ways to help their customers convert to this superior technology.

Charter Communications, in particular, offers an extremely easy to understand and use VoIP telephony service aimed toward the average home user. If you know how to make a call on your traditional phone, you will have no problem using Charter’s VoIP telecommunications plan.

Charter VoIP is as Easy to Use as Traditional Phone Services

Charter VoIP plans offer the same quality service that you are used to under your traditional telephony plan. Charter provides both local and long distance services available through any in-home telephone jack. Although Charter telephone services are digital, you do not need a computer, an Internet connection, or even any special equipment to use them. You can access Charter telephone services from the phone you already have, making Charter VoIP extremely easy to use.

Advantages of Charter VoIP over Traditional Phone Services

Although Charter VoIP behaves very similarly to traditional phone services, there are several key differences which make Charter VoIP worth investing in. Although prices remain competitive with today’s traditional phone service plan, Charter VoIP features better quality sound and advanced digital features.

When you subscribe to Charter Telephone, you also have the option of adding an unlimited long distance package, which will allow you to catch up with friends and family across the country without expensive per-minute charges.

This plan also includes three of the most requested calling features; three-way calling, call waiting and call forwarding. You can even keep your current number when you transfer to Charter Telephone, eliminating the headache and frustration normally associated with transferring to a new service.

With so many advantages, it is easy to see why many traditional telephone customers are switching to Charter VoIP. When you subscribe to Charter’s services, you will enjoy a hefty discount and the ease of consolidating three of your major utility charges into one single bill.

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