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What Charter High-Speed® Internet Will Offer You

The need for high speed Internet access is on the rise, and Charter Communications recognizes this need.  As a leading provider of broadband cable Internet access and one of the nation's largest broadband communications companies, offers reliable services and 24/7 customer service support.

Charter High-Speed® Internet - Locations

Charter high speed cable Internet provides service to 6.8 million customers in 40 states.  To determine whether or not you can receive Charter Internet services in your area, visit this web page and type in your zip code.

Charter Communications High Speed® Internet - What You’ll Get

Faster Internet speeds and reliable service are the two most valuable services that Charter Communications offers its customers.  Other Charter deals include a free modem, 70% off the connection fee, 10 free email addresses, 20 MB of free storage space, parental controls, spam filters, and anti-virus software.

Charter High-Speed ® Internet - Connection Types Offered

Charter’s high speed Internet services run at 3 Mbps, which is about 60 times faster than standard dial-up connections.  Charter cable connections are reliable and fast, making life on the Internet enjoyable.

Charter Communications High Speed® Internet - Other Available Offers

Browse through the Charter Communications Web site to find out about current promotions and offers.  Typically, Charter cable service offers an introductory plan with a discount on the first 12 months of service.  However, prices vary from location to location, so check the Web site for current Charter deals and promotions.

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