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Charter High Speed Internet Promotions, Specials and Offers

Charter cable Internet service offers their customers a great way to surf the Internet at faster speeds for a low price.  Their customers get loads of bonus features and benefits to enjoy, while their bills remain lower than ever. 

The Ultimate Charter Promotion

Right now, Charter high speed Internet is offering its new members the deal of the century.  For the first three months of service, they will pay only $19.99 for their broadband Internet services.  If you have been contemplating getting a high speed Internet connection in your home, this is a great way to try it out!  You have to book the service over the Internet and take advantage of this offer by April 1, 2006 to be awarded this special price.  If you are impressed with Charter cable service after the six months are up (which we know you will be) then the current pricing plans will apply to your bill. 

What You Get With Charter High Speed Internet

  • Fast Internet Connection:  3 Mbps downstream and 256 Kbps upstream rates make for easy and fast downloading and uploading data-up to 100 times faster than a dial up connection!
  • Security Features:  Free anti-virus, anti-spam, parental filters and firewall protection for members. 
  • E-mail:  10 free e-mail accounts, each equipped with 100 MB of storage; and access to your e-mail from anywhere through Webmail. 
  • Web Space:  20 MB of personal Web space so you can post projects, photos, and store files. 
  • Informative Content:  News, sports, entertainment, travel, radio, games, and more is easy to find through Charter high speed Internet.