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Quick Feature Review

  • Comcast On Demand - Video On Demand giving you anytime access to 100's of FREE movies, and other television programming
  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR) - allows you to record all of your favorite programs without the clutter of video tapes. Pause and rewind live broadcasts
  • High Definition TV - crystal clear picture and sound, wide-screen viewing, and higher resolution scanning
  • Interactive Screen Guide - find favorite programs with ease, choose VOD movies and programs, and use parental control features
  • Over 100 of your favorite channels in digital-quality picture and sound

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What Comcast Digital Cable TV Service Will Offer You

Subscribe to Comcast Digital Cable and choose what you want, when you want it, with On Demand. Not only will you have the power to choose exactly when you want to watch your favorite movies and shows with DVR, you will also be able to pick from hundreds of rotating movie titles and television programming each month with Comcast On Demand. On Demand is available for Comcast Digital Cable subscribers.

In addition, Comcast Digital Cable Television with On Demand gives you greater variety than Satellite, local channels at no additional cost, free equipment, and clearer, more consistent service. What does all this add up to? Superior features, better picture and sound and more choices from Comcast Digital Cable television service.

Comcast Digital Cable - Digital Programming

Comcast Digital Cable with On Demand delivers more quality digital cable television programming than ever before, including:

  • Movies: On Demand gives you any-time access to new releases and old favorites. In addition to the hundreds of movies available free of charge, you can upgrade (with a subscription) your movie package with premium channels, such as HBO, Cinemax, Starz, Showtime and more.
  • Sports: Comcast Digital Cable television with On Demand offers the very best in sporting entertainment. With its variety of Sports Entertainment Packages, you’ll find the teams and games you love, from baseball to water polo.
  • Kids: Comcast offers tons of children’s programming options, much of which at no additional charge. You can also upgrade your basic package with Comcast’s Family Tier. The plan includes up to 35 channels in all, including local and national broadcasts, children’s programming, religious programming and public access channels.
  • Music: Comcast Digital Cable television with On Demand gives you 45 CD-quality channels of music, with styles that will satisfy all your musical tastes.

Comcast Digital Cable - Features

Along with quality programming, Comcast Digital Cable with On Demand offers you a host of other digital features, including:

  • On Demand: On Demand gives you the freedom to watch your favorite TV programs, sports recaps, kids’ features, and movies on your own time. With On Demand, you can pause and rewind your movies and shows, so you’ll never miss those all-important plot twists.
  • DVR: Comcast’s Digital Video Recorder allows you to record all of your favorite shows without the clutter of videotapes and bothersome VCR timers.
  • The Interactive Screen Guide: With Comcast’s Interactive Screen Guide, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in no time at all. The Guide includes easy-to-use icons, enhanced functions and a mini-menu that allows you to surf other channels while still enjoying your television program.
  • Parental Controls: In addition to its multitude of children’s programming, Comcast Digital Cable with On Demand allows parents to keep a watchful eye on their children’s programming choices, even when they’re away from home.
  • HDTV: With Comcast HDTV, you will enrich your television viewing experience on so many levels. HDTV provides wide-screen viewing, higher resolution scanning, sharper images, and greater sound quality than with regular analog TV.

Comcast Digital Cable Television - Location and Pricing

To find out if Comcast Digital Cable television service with On Demand is available in your area, enter your zip code here. Pricing varies by location and by package upgrades. No matter where you’re located Comcast cable services offers expansive features and programming options at reasonable prices. If you sign up for Comcast’s Triple Play offer, you’ll save even more on all of your cable needs.

*If you need customer service help regarding your Digital Cable TV service, please contact Comcast directly.

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