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Comcast Offers Chinese Language Channel Bundles

The U.S. is home to two million people who speak the Chinese language (both Cantonese and Mandarin) and Comcast helps them stay connected to “home” with three Chinese Language Channels. Programs feature everything from local and world news, to the best in entertainment, Chinese movies, Chinese music, sports, and special interest programming.

CCTV-4 for Chinese-Speaking Viewers on Comcast

China Central Television is the largest provider of China’s television programming, and CCTV-4 is its overseas channel reaching 50 million Chinese people living outside China. CCTV-4 on Comcast features Mandarin-language programming that includes hourly top news stories as well as cultural, financial, entertainment, variety shows, sports, and dramas starring many of China’s most popular performers. Comcast subscribers will also be able to watch documentaries, shows about fashion trends and special events, educational children’s shows, and blockbuster movies. Comcast’s Chinese language channels offer a variety of programs, and ordering your favorite Chinese language television packageshave never been easier!

Comcast Offers CTI-Zhong Tian Channel for Mandarin Customers

CTI-Zhong Tian Channel, broadcast in Mandarin, reaches out to the 1.2 billion Chinese television viewers all over the world to bring them breaking news and current affairs talk shows from China and around the globe.

Comcast’s Chinese-speaking viewers will have access to the best Chinese drama series and Chinese movies that Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong have to offer, as well as entertainment, community news, popular Chinese variety shows, and travel and cooking shows.

Jade on Comcast Features Chinese TV Shows

Jade on Comcast Cable TV delivers Cantonese and Mandarin language programming with the Chinese viewers of Northern California in mind. These viewers receive up-to-the-minute news from Hong Kong, the U.S., and other parts of the world including USA World News/Financial News and Hong Kong TVB Daily News & Financial News.

Chinese viewers in the San Francisco Bay area will also have programs including games shows, talk and variety shows, dramas, educational programming, sitcoms, travel and lifestyle shows, food programs, children’s shows, entertainment news, and Chinese music.

Comcast Money-Saving Bundles on Chinese Language Channels

Comcast offers two money-saving bundled packages for Chinese viewers: the CTI-Zhong Tian and CCTV-4 package (Mandarin); or the Comcast Dragon Pack with 5 Mandarin Channels including CTI-Zhong Tian, CCTV-4, ETTV Super Channel (news, information, entertainment, movies, talk shows, comedy, drama, teen and children’s shows, Chinese music videos, and sports); Phoenix InfoNews (a Chinese version of CNN); and Phoenix North America Chinese Channel (top news, entertainment, documentaries, talk shows, current affairs, culture, lifestyle, travel, and TV series. Sign up for Comcast Cable television and subscribe to your favorite Chinese language channels today!

 *If you need customer service help regarding your cable television service, please contact Comcast directly.