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Comcast Offers Deutsche Welle German Language Channel

For the 1.4 million German-speaking residents in the U.S., Comcast Cable Television provides a link to German culture and events with Deutsche Welle, the popular German language television channel.

Deutsche Welle on Comcast

Deutsche Welle is Germany’s full-service international broadcaster featuring content with a European point of view. Viewers will find interesting and informative news as well as programs about current events, culture, business, politics, reports, magazines, religion, documentaries, health, sports, travel, variety, children’s shows, and much more. Comcast’s Deutsche Welle language channel offer a variety of programs, and ordering your favorite German language television packages has never been easier!

Comcast Offers German Language News and Commentary on Deutsche Welle Channel

Journal, Deutsche Welle’s news program airs at the top of every hour alternatively in English and German, and gives viewers informative, reliable news coverage. Quadriga presents a panel of four German journalists and foreign correspondents who discuss important political, business, and cultural topics in a lively exchange of views, analysis, and opinions.

German Culture, Life, and Events on Comcast’s German Language Channel

Euromaxx features special programs about German life, culture, and events. Recent episodes include coverage of German celebrities  gathering on the island of Sylt for the annual party; the Salzburg Festival; German cooking for beginners; the opening of the Bayreuth Festival; a visit to the German city of Braunschweig; and traditional German cuisine.

Talking Germany gives viewers a look at German life. Whether host Peter Craven is interviewing celebrities or interesting and unusual people, his goal is to shed light on what makes Germany and its people unique.

If German-speaking Comcast viewers are interested in health and lifestyle issues, In Good Shape is for them.  The show offers tips on how to live a healthy life and features such topics as new medical treatments, nutrition, beauty, wellness and fitness, and alternative medicine.

Plus Deutsche Welle brings documentary programming to Comcast viewers with the show, In Focus which offers interesting reports and special documentaries in the fields of business and science, sports and leisure, historical and present-day events, culture, and education.

Comcast Offers German Pop Music Scene Program on Deutsche Welle Channel

The popular German language show, popXport, focuses on the German music scene. German musicians and bands are featured as well as reports on trends and musical events. Sign up for Comcast Cable television and subscribe to your favorite Deutsche Welle German language channels today!

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