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Set Up Your Home with Comcast Wireless Home Networking

What is Wireless Home Networking?

Home networking allows you to connect multiple computers to one connection at the same time. Wireless home networking offers you the freedom of having an Internet connection without being attached to any wires,while also having the ability to connect multiple computers to just one Internet connection.

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Find out how Comcast wireless home networking makes this possible. 

Features of Comcast Wireless Home Networking

  • Multiple Computers: If you have multiple computers, and only one connection, Comcast makes it easy.  Up to five computers can be connected to the Internet at once without incurring any additional charges. 
  • Wireless Capabilities:  Enjoy Internet access in every room and even outside within 150 feet of the gateway with Comcast wireless Internet home networking. 
  • Faster Speeds: The standard Comcast package gives you speeds of up to 4 Mbps downstream and 384 Kbps upstream.  For an extra $10 per month, you getup to 6 Mbps downstream and 768 Kbps upstream.  No more waiting around for pages to load or information to send.
  • Security Features: Everyone can enjoy Comcast’s security features with wireless networking.  A firewall, parental controls and Web filters all come free when you order Comcast high speed Internet

How to Set Up Comcast Wireless Home Networking

Installing Comcast wireless Internet home networking is easier than you could ever imagine because you won’t have to do a thing!  Simply call 1-888-COMCAST,  to schedule a time for a Comcast technician to visit your home to install your Internet connection and your wireless home networking system.  If you need a wireless router or cable modem, Comcast can also supply you with that equipment.  Say goodbye to instruction manuals and frustration and hello to easy, wireless home networking with Comcast.

*If you need customer service help regarding your High Speed Internet service, please contact Comcast directly.