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Popular Cox Cable Modems

Troubleshooting Your Cox Cable Modem

If you’re having trouble connecting to the Internet with Cox Cable Internet service, one of the first things you’ll want to do is check your modem. Read below to learn some basic information about some of Cox’s modems, and how to troubleshoot any problems you have with them.

Cox Cable Modems – Linksys

Linksys makes some of the most popular modems today. Though there are several different versions of Linksys modems available, you can troubleshoot your modem problems by using the following information.

The Power Light: This should be green, which means the modem is plugged in correctly. If the light is not a solid green color, then try plugging in the modem somewhere else.

Link/Act Light: This light should be solid green, which means that your modem is properly connected to your computer. (When you first turn your modem on, this light will flash for a few seconds, after that it should stay a solid green color.)  If this light is not green, then your modem is not detecting a PC connection. You might need to reset your modem, or reinstall some software. As a last resort, contact technical assistance.

The Send and Receive Lights: You shouldn’t have to worry too much about these lights. They will flash when data is being sent or received, and will remain solid green when no data is being sent or received. When the lights are off, no data is being transmitted.

Cable Light: When this light is on, your connection is fine. If the light is flashing very fast (more than once a second), try verifying your cable connections and resetting your modem. If your cable connections seem to be ok, and resetting the modem does not work, call technical support. If the cable modem light is off entirely, try all of the above, and then call technical support.

Cox Cable Modems – Motorola Modems

Motorola makes several different modems. The following information is for the Motorola SB4200.

Power Light: If the power light is off, then you have no power. Try plugging in your modem somewhere else. If this light is flashing, then some sort of error has occurred. Verify that the modem is connected correctly with the cables, and try resetting the modem. If this doesn’t work, call customer support.

Receive Light: If this light is flashing slowly, the modem is searching for a cable connection. Try resetting the modem, and if this doesn’t work, call technical support.

If the light is flashing very quickly, then the modem is searching for a cable connection; if you’re using a new or replacement modem, you have to contact Cox with your MAC address. If the light is off, then no connection is detected. Check the cables, try resetting the modem, and if all of this does not work, try calling technical support.

The Send and Online Lights: If these lights are flashing, check all cable connections, and try resetting the modem. Call technical support if neither of these solutions work.

The Activity Light: The activity light should be flashing. This means your modem is working properly.