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Everything You Need to Know About Cox Webmail Services

CoxCox Email: High-Speed WebMail

Broadband Internet users who subscribe to Cox High Speed Internet access will be familiar with Cox’s email service, WebMail. Cox’s email service is called WebMail. The great thing about Cox’s WebMail is that users can access it from any computer. Since the email program is entirely Web-based, users can check their email from any computer that has an Internet connection and a regular Web browser. All users have to do is visit http://www.cox.net/, click on the “check WebMail” icon and then log into their account with a username and password.

Cox Email: WebMail Features

Lots of Storage

Cox provides 100 MB of email storage for subscribers. While this is a lot of space, it’s a good idea to regularly clean out your inbox to ensure that you never run into storage capacity problems. WebMail automatically deletes emails in the “Deleted E-mails” folder after a period of time to help out with the storage capacity issue. Also, it’s important to realize that all emails in your inbox are counted as part of your 100 MB storage capacity, not simply the emails you have saved or sent to other folders. In the event that you do run into storage capacity problems, WebMail will give you a heads-up before you actually reach your 100 MB limit.

Check Email From Other Accounts

You can read email from your other accounts in your inbox with WebMail. For example, you can read your work or home email accounts. More information on this below.

Easy Organization

Cox WebMail provides an address book feature to help you keep track of all of your contacts. You can easily add contacts from emails that have arrived in your inbox. Also, you can easily sort your messages into separate folders so that you can search for them at a later time. Never lose another e-mail again!

40|Cox Email: Basic Help Tips and Information

Can I check both my email and my WebMail with my regular Email Client?

Yes. As long as you don’t delete any emails from your inbox, you’ll be able to do so. Also, make sure that you save emails to the server instead of to a particular computer, otherwise you won’t be able to do this.

How Much Does WebMail Cost?

The service is free to all Cox high-speed Internet subscribers.


How Do I Assign Myself a Username and Password?

Your username will be the beginning of your Cox email address – everything before the “@” symbol. Your password is up to you; make sure it is easy for you to remember, and difficult for others to guess.