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Cox Cable Internet Security Software

Cox Cable Internet services provide their customers with the Internet security software that they need to be protected.  With the many dangers found on the Internet today, such as viruses, spyware, hackers, spam, and inappropriate material for children, every computer needs assistance to help prevent these dangers from affecting them.  This is why Cox Communications offers the Cox Security Suite free to their high-speed Internet customers.  If you are a current Cox customer, you can go to this page to download the Cox Security Suite Software

Anti-Virus Software

Cox Cable Internet services provide customers with anti-virus software protection.  It enables Internet users to scan and protect their computers from over 150,000 viruses whenever they want. 


Having spyware stuck on your computer can be quite a nuisance.  This is why Cox Security Suite offers anti-spyware free of charge.  This software will locate and remove all spyware from your hard drive.

Parental Controls

With Cox high speed Internet services, you get parental controls for free that will allow you to customize the level of filtering you want on your computer.  You have the option of blocking your children from visiting certain Web sites and setting up passwords so only you can access the parental control settings.  It can be so simple to protect your children from the dangers of the Internet.

Firewall Protection

Firewall protection is also offered through Cox Security Suite, where you can control network traffic and set up security features to prevent hackers from gaining access to your computer. 

Pop-Up Blocker

This useful tool puts an end to those annoying pop-up advertisements. 

Spam Blocker

Receiving spam may be a part of e-mailing today, but that doesn’t mean it should affect you.  Cox Cable Internet comes with a spam blocker that identifies spam emails and puts them in a separate folder or automatically deletes them for you so you never have to see them.