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DSL Service from EarthLink


Atlanta-based EarthLink DSL High Speed Internet provides its 5 million plus subscribers with more than just a reliable Internet connection, it also provides award-winning customer service, first-rate additional features, and high speeds that leave dial up trailing in the dust. DSL from EarthLink is up to 4x’s faster than other DSL connections. That’s up to 6 Mbps. You also get instant access every time without worrying about a busy signal and all the extras to help you make the most out of your online experience.

EarthLink High Speed Internet - Services

In addition to speeds reaching 6 Mbps, EarthLink High Speed Internet offers the protection you need and the service you deserve. To ensure your online safety and security, EarthLink now offers its EarthLink Protection Control Center. This expansive suite of security tools includes: Advanced anti-virus, spyware blocker, and firewall protection, single scan for viruses and spyware, free spam and pop-up blocker software and parental controls.

Earthlink is committed to reliability of service. If by chance you should experience a problem with you connection, EarthLink’s well-trained customer service team is available 24/7. Choose from self-help tutorials on your My Account page, real-time chat sessions with a DSL support expert, email support or toll-free phone support.

In addition to DSL internet, Earthlink also offers internet access products such as dial-up, cable internet and digital phone. Learn more about the different types Earthlink product offers.

EarthLink High Speed Internet - Features

With your EarthLink High Speed Internet connection you get a host of additional features to enhance the quality of your online experience, including:

E-mail: Every EarthLink subscriber gets eight e-mail accounts with their subscription. Each e-mail account is allotted 100 MB of storage. Customers also get an EarthLink mailbox with free e-mail software and the freedom of a dial-up account to check your e-mail anytime, anywhere. In addition, EarthLink addresses are compatible with most Instant Messenger software, including: AIM, Yahoo, MSN and more.

Webpage: EarthLink allows you to customize your own personal start page. In addition, EarthLink provides 80 MB of Web space (10 MB per address). If you’re a novice Web builder, EarthLink is here to help with its free Web site builder program.

Easy Switch: With EarthLink, you can transition your e-mail accounts with ease. EarthLink imports your old e-mail accounts and address books. The system also provides a change of address notice to everyone in your address book and forwards all of your e-mail sent to your old account.

EarthLink High Speed Internet - Pricing

High Speed Internet access from EarthLink brings you an affordable means of meeting your High Speed Internet needs. EarthLink offers a special introductory offer of only $12.95 for the first six months. Once this introductory period is over, your monthly rate will depend on the speed of service that you choose. Rates include*:

  • $29.95 - $39.95/month for 1.5 Mbps service
  • $34.95 - $44.95/month for 3.0 Mbps service
  • $39.95 - $44.95/month for 6.0 Mbps service

With this, you get all of your equipment and installation free of charge. EarthLink contracts last 12 months with a $149.95 early cancellation fee. If you bundle your Voice, Internet and TV service you’ll save even more.

*Please note: prices may very by location.

EarthLink High Speed Internet - Extra Features

Web Life: EarthLink’s Web Life gives you the freedom to save and share your digital memories with a boost of storage of space. Basic Web Life, which consists of 1GB of storage space, comes free with your subscriptions. You can upgrade to space of up to 10 GB for an additional fee.

Home Networking System: Many homes today have multiple computers in the home. EarthLink Home Networking allows you to connect up to four computers to a single Internet connection starting at just $7.95 per month.