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For more broadband information out there - and there’s plenty of it - we have compiled a few of our favorite websites that have useful information about high speed internet if you would like to do more research. Be sure to learn about  Why Blogging on Broadband is Better than Dialup. Also look at our Broadband FAQ section for answers to any questions you might have. http://howstuffworks.com - The best website for the beginner techie in all of us. Features step-by-step articles written in plain English that describe exactly how your network works.

Broadband Games Resources and Downloads

There are hundreds of online games for experienced gamers, younger children and families.  So much more is possible now with high-speed Internet connections and the abundance of games out there. 
Click here for full article and links to download your own free online games.

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Broadband Information: Internet Access

Internet Access
There are tons of options for connecting to the Internet.  The right kind of connection for you is out there--you just have to find it.

But your worries are over because you have come to the right place to learn more about Internet connections:
  • How different high-speed Internet connections work.
  • Where to find a great deal on high speed Internet service.
  • What kind of hardware and tools you’ll need.
  • Fun features and programs you can download for a better high-speed experience.

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Internet Access

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