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Facts About Cable Modem and Internet Speeds

Cable Modem Speed

If you are looking to quickly test your cable modem or Internetconnection speeds, scroll down to the bottom of this article or click here to see a list of websites and links where you can do so right now.

Cable Internet connections are the most popular high-speed Internetchoices today. Cable modems are a way to connect to Internet through anexisting cable television line.Cable modems generally boast a higher speed than other connections,even some high-speed connections. However, all cable modem speeds arenot created equal. Most cable Internet providers say they connect theirsubscribers at a rate of 2-5 Mbps. 2 Mbps is the low end of cable modemspeed and 5 Mbps is on the faster end of the spectrum.

Cable Modem Pros and Cons


Although cable modems have a high user retention rate and some ofthe highest possible speeds around, the downside is that since one lineis shared by many users at once, there can be considerable delaysduring peak usage times. 

However, the upside to this is that the delays are rarely noticeableand many cable Internet providers are working on increasing bandwidthin their cable lines.

Also note that cable modem download speeds are generally twice as fast as upload speeds.

Cable Speed Tests

There are tons of speed tests to choose from.  Take a look at someof the links we have provided and test your own connection.  Try acouple and do them more than once to get an accurate reading ormeasurement.

If you are a current or potential cable modem subscriber, keep inmind that your connection speed may vary based on the time of day youare using the Internet.  So test your connection a few times beforecontacting your cable provider.

Speed Test Links