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International Broadband Usage Statistics

International Broadband Usage

If you’re already using a broadband Internet connection in the U.S., then you’re most likely familiar with how quickly broadband Internet connections are growing in the U.S. But what about international broadband usage? If you’ve ever wondered how broadband usage is growing in other countries, read over the interesting information below. Broadband is definitely sweeping the globe!

International Broadband Usage – Korea

As of August 2005, about 32.5 million Korean residents are using the Internet. This translates into almost 72% of the total population! These stats come from the Korean Ministry of Information and Communication. What’s more, the Ministry has reported that about 10% of Koreans have their own web logs (blogs, for short), and about 3.5% of Koreans use Internet banking services.

In Korea, as is mostly true everywhere else in the world, it appears that the younger the age group, the higher the Internet usage. For example, over 97% of Koreans between 6 and 19 use the Internet, whereas only 34% of Koreans in their 50s do.

International Broadband Usage – Oceania/Australia

According to one site, almost 50% of Australians are using the Internet.

Internet Broadband Usage – Europe

Europe appears to have made great strides in terms of Internet usage during 2001-2005; Internet usage has gone up over 160%. About 37% of Europeans are surfing the Web. However, it’s important to break down these stats as well. If you consider only the countries within the European Union, then Europe’s Internet usage rates are at about 48%. However, only 17.5% of the remainder of Europe is currently using broadband Internet.

Internet Broadband Usage – Africa

On the flip side, just under 2% of Africans are using broadband Internet. While this might seem like a very small percentage, it represents a 258% usage growth rate during 2001-2005.

Internet Broadband Usage – Middle East

As of August 2005, about 8% of those living in the Middle East are using broadband Internet – but this represents an astounding growth of over 311% during the period of 2001-2005.

Internet Broadband Usage – Latin America/Caribbean

About 12.5% of people in this usage are online, which represents a 277% usage growth rate during 2001-2005.

Internet Broadband Usage – North America

As a basis for comparison, about 68% of people in North America are currently using the Internet. Not all of these people are using broadband connections, but broadband connections have gone up sharply in the last five years.