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Wireless Connections for Laptops Abroad – How to Connect

Wireless Connections for Laptops Abroad – Some Good Resources

Before you reach your destination, your first stop should be a reputable Web site that can give you some good information about traveling with a laptop computer. If you’ve already done some research on your own, you’ve probably discovered that using your laptop overseas is not as simple as it is here in the U.S., where you can usually plug your computer in and find a hotspot or non-secured network to use.

There is a lot of information on the Internet about traveling with a laptop, so the following information should be used only as a guide.

One good resource is a site called Roadnews. This comprehensive and detailed site will tell you most everything you need to know about traveling abroad with a laptop, even if you’re traveling on a cruise ship. You can read a large assortment of articles about how to connect to wireless networks while abroad, things you might have to buy for your laptop in order for it to work while abroad, and articles on Internet security.

Another good site to take a look at before you leave is called LaptopTravel. LaptopTravel has hardware and products that you might need for your laptop to work while traveling abroad, like adapters, battery packs and phone adapters.

Wireless Connections for Laptops Abroad – WiFi Hotspots

If you’ve decided to bring a laptop computer with you as you travel, you’re going to want to know where some good WiFi hotspots are in the countries and cities you’ll be visiting. Once again, the Internet is a great resource, and you can find a number of Web sites that list WiFi hotspots all over the globe. 

One site you can browse for information is called Hotspothaven. Hotspothaven is a particularly good site as it has a large number of international listings to help you in your hotspot search. You can also take a look at a site called WiFinder. This site allows you to check to see if you’ll have to fork over some money to use a particular hotspot or whether you can surf for free. Finally, visit the site WiFreeSpot. This site allows you to see if and where hotspots are available in various airports, hotels and even RV parks, so it’s a great resource.

Bringing a laptop with you might mean carrying one more bag, but in the long-run it could potentially save you a lot of money in Internet connection fees. If you do your homework and know where to find cheap hotspots, you can keep in touch with family, friends and work without putting a sizeable hole in your wallet.