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Mediacom Digital Cable TV

Quick Feature Review

  • $49.95 per month for 12 months
  • Mediacom Digital 1 Star CableSM includes up to 15 channels of Starz and Encore. Mediacom Digital Star 1 Cable provides great TV choices for every member of the family!

Additional Features

  • Home of Free HD
  • Mediacom Digital 1 Star CableSM presents an all-star selection of movies, sports, news, information, entertainment and multi-premium networks
  • Connection service on up to three TV sets in your household
  • Includes local broadcast channels covering your own area news, weather, sports and other local programming
  • On Demand programming and local broadcast HD channels also available
  • *Terms and Conditions Apply. See site for details.

What Mediacom Cable Television Service Will Offer You

Mediacom cable television all-star service offers something for everyone in the entire family. From age-appropriate children’s programming to exciting sports and movie offerings, Mediacom has got you covered. In addition, Mediacom provides all of today’s amazing digital upgrade services including, HDTV, On Demand, and DVR and so much more. So subscribe to Mediacom digital cable and live your live free from television schedules and other tedium.

Mediacom Cable Television - Features

With Mediacom Cable Television, it all begins with the Family Plan, which includes a broad-range of viewing services. From here you can upgrade your service and enjoy all of the perks digital cable has to offer, including:

Digital Cable: Digital Cable from Mediacom gives you many options at a reasonable price. You have the option to choose from five Digital Star Packs. Along with standard fare, Star Packs include premium channels, such as Showtime, the Movie Channel, Starz, HBO, Cinemax and much more.

Music Choice: With Music Choice from Mediacom Digital Cable crystal-clear, CD quality sound will flow from your Television set. Music Choice is included in each Star Pack and gives you 46 commercial-free channels, from reggae to classic, to classic Rock and Roll.

On-Screen Guide: Mediacom’s On-screen guide gives you complete control over your television viewing experience. With the On Screen guide, you can: quickly and easily find your favorite shows, get detailed program descriptions, supervise your kid’s viewing with parental controls, and plan your television schedule days in advance so you’ll never miss a thing.

On Demand: On Demand from Medicom gives you the power to watch your favorite programs and movies on your own time. MediaCom from On Demand gives you 700 movies and programming choices each month, and the ability to pause, stop, rewind, and replay all of your program selections. On Demand also gives you access to exciting Pay-Per View programs and events.

HDTV: Enjoy top-quality picture and sound with High Definition Television from Mediacom. With Mediacom's advanced HD receiver, you will receive your local broadcast stations in HD and if you are a digital cable subscriber to premium services you will view movies, sporting events, and premium series sharper and clearer than ever before.

DVR: Mediacom’s digital video recorder allows you to record all of your favorite television programs without the added clutter of video tapes! You can also pause and rewind live TV, ensuring that you never again miss your shows climactic height while answering the phone, putting the kids to bed, or indulging in a midnight snack.

Mediacom Cable Television - Pricing and Locations

Cable Television from Mediacom brings you several exciting television packages. Basic cable prices vary by location. Star Pak upgrades start as low as $10.95 a month and steadily increase depending on package choice. Music Choice, On-Screen Guide, On Demand and more are also included in the price of digital cable. To find out if Mediacom cable is available in your area, enter your zip code here.

Mediacom Cable Television - Additional Features

For the Sports enthusiast, MediaCom offers an exciting sports package. For a very low monthly price you have access to the very best in sporting entertainment. Channels included in this Pak include: CSTV, Fox College Sports, GOL TV, The Tennis Channel, the Sportsman Channel and more.

For more variety, pump up your digital cable with Digital Plus. For a small additional fee, you can enjoy an additional 40 digital networks of sports, news, lifestyle, movies and much more.

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