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Aricent and Aircell Develop In-Flight Internet Services

May 20, 2008

Aricent, a communications software company, and Aircell, a premier wireless data and voice communications provider, have announced an alliance in developing key software and processing components for Aircell’s in-flight broadband systems. The new system is scheduled to provide in-flight Internet access this year for commercial airline passengers in the U.S. Initially, the Aircell network will encompass the continental U.S., then expand its services to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Aricent and Aircell Provide In-Flight Internet System

To provide data communication between airline passengers using in-flight WI-FI and the air-to-ground cellular communications module used for Gogo — Aircell’s in-flight service — Aricent developed a system of software components for Aircell’s on-board central control processor.

Aricent and Aircell have worked together to ensure interoperability in the deployment of the national network. Aricent also provided technical consulting and testing, software development, and integration of networking software and sub-systems.

“Aircell chose Aricent for its extensive expertise in building complex communications infrastructures, and its ability to help quickly bring our service to market in the U.S.,” said Anand Chari, vice president of engineering for Aircell. “Aricent has helped us to achieve our goal of providing scalable Wi-Fi communications to commercial airlines and business aircraft. With Aricent, Aircell will enable travelers to stay connected to what matters most while flying over the United States.”

Aircell In-Flight Broadband Features

With the Aircell broadband system, commercial airline passengers will have access to the Internet which also includes VPN access, email, multimedia capabilities, video on demand, games, and additional entertainment.

“Connecting passengers to the Internet while flying at 500 miles per hour and 35,000 feet is extremely challenging, but taming complexity is what Aricent does best. We are proud to use our communications software expertise to speed the delivery of Aircell’s unique air-to-ground cellular network,” said Arputham Ganesan, Aricent’s head of data communications. “Aircell’s innovation in the aviation industry shows that the possibilities are endless for mobile broadband deployments, and Aricent has the experience to make it happen.”