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Turbine Announces Dungeons & Dragons Update: Stormreach, Prisoners of Prophecy

November 11, 2008

By Mike Peters

Turbine has announced the launch of its latest update of "Dungeons & Dragons Online," the hugely popular massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). "Stormreach, Prisoners of Prophecy" provides a completely upgraded experience for players, improves solo play with the introduction of Hirelings, upgrades the DDO Engine to support DX-10 graphics technology, and adds more monster, spells, magic items, and challenging dungeons.

"Stormreach, Prisoners of Prophecy" offers an extensive array of new features and experiences for players including:

Stormreach Enhanced New Player Experience

To support a more story-based and friendly introduction to the game and make DDO more accessible to players unfamiliar with the 3.5 Edition rules-set, Turbine has created a completely new starter experience. Players can now opt to create well-built characters based on their play style without needing to assign any stat or skill points, or select any feats or spells. Subsequent characters created on the account will have the option to skip the tutorial, and will gain relevant XP and rewards as if they had completed it.

Introducing Stormreach Hirelings

The massive new Hirelings system is designed to improve solo play experience in DDO by letting players contract henchmen to help them in their adventures. Hirelings are player controlled NPC combatants with a given class, level, and personality that can be contracted to aid a player in the dungeons. Players can contract with one Hireling of their level or lower for a few hours at a time, or until the adventure they are playing is complete. Hirelings will be introduced to players through a series of live in-game events after the launch of "Stormreach, Prisoners of Prophecy."

Stormreach DX-10 Engine Upgrade and New Wilderness Areas

Stormreach offers major improvements to DDO's graphics engine, including DX-10 support for upgraded shaders for water, particle effects, and lighting for terrain. Also, a new wilderness area and several high-level dungeons have been added, as well as new monsters including Kobold Archmages, Frost Giants, and a White Dragon.