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AARP Launches DTV Transition Consumer Hotline

February 24, 2009

By Jennifer Hull

AARP has announced the launch of a toll-free hotline to help older consumers deal with the DTV transition. Congress passed a bill to delay the original DTV transition deadline from February 17 to June 12, but more than 400 TV stations across the country exercised their option to end analog broadcasts on the original date. Seniors are among consumers who are at-risk to lose television signals completely if they have not taken steps to prepare for the switch.

AARP Expresses Concern that Older Americans May Lose TV Signals

In a press release, AARP stated that many older Americans depend on television for critical news and safety information, and may face significant challenges when television signals become exclusively digital. The establishment of the toll-free number and DTV call center is part of AARP's ongoing education campaign to educate older Americans and their families about the steps they must take to prepare for the DTV transition.

Kevin Donnellan, chief communications officer at AARP, said, "AARP is committed to providing relevant and important information to our members and their families to make this transition as easy and affordable as possible. Through a contract from the Federal Communications Commission, we are able to provide trained operators, implement a toll-free number, and run a center that individuals can call for information and help as they prepare for the transition in their homes."

AARP Hotline Offers Help with DTV Transition Questions

The AARP toll-free hotline number -- 1-877-698-8068 -- is available now. Individuals will speak with a trained operator who can answer their DTV questions. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. EST. Spanish-language operators are also available. The national DTV call center will be in operation through March 31, 2009.