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Alaska Airlines Tests Satellite-Based In-Flight Wireless Internet Service

March 3, 2009

By Mike Peters

Alaska Airlines announce it will launch a customer trial of its new satellite-based wireless Internet service. Named Alaska Airlines In-flight Wi-Fi, the service can be used in-flight on any Wi-Fi enabled device such as a laptop, smartphone, or portable media player. Alaska Airlines and Row 44 have cooperated for more than two years to bring this service to market.

Alaska Airlines Passengers to Have Internet Access

Onboard Alaska Airlines' specially-equipped Boeing 737-700, passengers will now be able to engage in a range of activities including browsing the Web; accessing online music, games, podcasts and Webcasts; sending and receiving e-mail; and connecting to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). The service will be free at the start of the trial, which will be conducted on a flight between Seattle and San Jose, and will run for about 60 days. After the trial period, Alaska Airlines will determine the schedule for rolling out the commercial availability of its wireless Internet service to its entire fleet of aircraft.

Airline Passengers Stay Connected to the Web with In-Flight Wi-Fi

"We're thrilled to be able to offer our passengers a way to stay connected while en route to their destinations," said Steve Jarvis, Alaska's vice president of marketing, sales, and customer experience. "This is a service that everyone can use, whether it's for business or entertainment. Our service gives passengers a choice in how they spend their time while traveling and enhances the in-flight experience."

"Alaska Airlines continues its long track record of deploying innovative technologies," said John Guidon, CEO for Row 44. "We are proud to be associated with their team and thrilled that such a forward-thinking airline selected Row 44's in-flight satellite broadband service."