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Verizon Business Introduces Solutions for Large Business

February 24, 2009

By Mike Peters

Verizon Business has announced the launch of a new portfolio of converged solutions that address the security and performance challenges faced by large businesses. The new solutions will meet the increased demand for integrated capabilities spanning the entire IT "stack," which is the computing structure that includes the network, data, application, and user layers.

Verizon Business Provides Security and High-Performance for Businesses

The Verizon Business suite of integrated solutions will enable companies to more efficiently build a secure, high-performance communications and IT infrastructure to enhance overall business performance. It also addresses a critical issue that enterprise IT organizations often struggle with: how to seamlessly work between the IT groups responsible for different layers of the stack in order to avoid data breaches and poor application performance affecting the daily operations of an organization.

Verizon Business' new solutions portfolio, which initially consists of five converged offerings, features Virtual Discovery and Classification (VDC). The VDC service combines professional services, security log analysis, and advanced tools to analyze an organization's Internet traffic to discover unusual malicious or unexpected traffic patterns and connections that can potentially cause harm to a customer's network.

Verizon Business Will Offer Four Additional Converged Business Solutions

"Today's extended enterprise faces a wide range of challenges requiring a holistic approach to conducting business," said Kerry Bailey, senior vice president of global services for Verizon Business. "Through our launch of converged solutions, we are providing enterprises with new types of solutions that cut across the fundamental IT areas to strengthen security and application performance. As a result, enterprises can improve business performance and gain new efficiencies, while letting Verizon Business handle all the complexities associated with today's technology."

The VDC offering is available immediately to U.S-based enterprises. Verizon Business plans to launch the four other converged solutions during the first half of this year. They are: Application Performance and Vulnerability Assessment; PCI-ready E-commerce Solution; CoLo Vulnerability Management Service; and Secure Virtualization Design Services.