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Wi-Fi TV Website Launches with Dozens of Internet TV Stations

January 30, 2009

By Mike Peters

Wi-Fi TV, which features more than 500 live TV stations at www.Wi-FiTV.com, has launched a streamlined version of its live TV website. The new Wi-Fi TV site includes sneak previews of dozens of new Internet TV stations which feature links to stories and news that pertain to the topics of the stations.

Wi-Fi TV Website Features Assortment of Live TV Stations Online

Newly added or enhanced Wi-Fi TV feature stations include the following: Girly Stuff Inc. for teenage girls; Gods Eye World Outreach; Oakland TV Online; Tri-City TV, featuring a three city area (Bartlesvilee, Dewey and Nowata); Father's House Ministries, featuring a live service every Sunday morning; SWMTV 777, the Signs, Wonders and Miracles TV station with Pastor Steve; Sky Blue Aqua, covering efforts to create water for the world; Armed Services Global TV; Artist TV; Wi-Fi TV Pets; Wi-Fi TV Fashion; Wi-Fi TV NYC, New York City; South Beach Miami; Italy Global TV; France Global TV; Watch Wi-Fi TV, featuring collectible watches; Wi-Fi TV Green, covering environmental issues and products.

Steven A. Zeldin, newly appointed CEO and chairman of Wi-Fi TV, said, "Wi-Fi TV is going to concentrate throughout 2009 on developing our sales team, enhancing Wi-Fi TV Station sales, and making a great user experience at our global Internet TV platform. In addition, we will follow through with our plans for launching the Wi-FiChina subsidiary. Our whole focal point will be to let the Wi-Fi TV website speak for itself in terms of showing what we have to offer."

Wi-Fi TV Offers New Generation TV Delivery Platform

Wi-Fi TV provides Social Internet TV, a new generation TV delivery platform. The Wi-Fi TV website, www.wi-fitv.com, allows users to watch hundreds of TV stations and chat with others watching the same program in a live chat box directly under the viewing screen, and get breaking news for each country and category listed.