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Bright House high speed internet clients get caller ID on PCs

July 16, 2009

Central Indiana customers who subscribe to Bright House high speed internet and home phone services will be offered a caller ID feature for home and mobile computing, which the company plans to launch by month's end.

Caller ID on PC will alert customers on their computer that someone is calling them and who it is, no matter where they are connected to the internet. The new function is available exclusively to Bright House high speed internet and home phone subscribers at no additional cost.

Part of a new series of features offered through the Bright House Networks Easy Gadget platform, Caller ID on PC is just one of the benefits customers with bundled high speed data and phone services can access, including personalized contacts, recent call history, voicemail on the PC and text messaging.

Bright House Networks Triple Play customers can access Caller ID across all three platforms - on their phone, TV or computer.

Buz Nesbit, president of Bright House Networks Indiana, said the provider will eventually be adding other features such as remote DVR programming capabilities.

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