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Verizon brings fiber-optic TV to upstate New York - along with some competition

October 6, 2009

Verizon launched its new fiber-optic television service in central New York state yesterday, promising high-quality video and upgraded on-demand options. FiOS, as the service is known, will compete directly with Time Warner, the region's standard cable provider.

FiOS is an all-fiber-optic network that provides much more bandwidth for internet service and digital television than standard cable. While cable companies insist that their service is more than adequate to their customers' bandwidth needs, FiOS makes a number of new options available to consumers, like super-high-speed internet and upgraded interconnectivity between web applications and hi-def television.

Verizon was already offering stand-alone phone and internet service over the fiber-optic network, but the new package is designed to emulate the all-in-one services offered by cable companies, which are frequently the sole option for consumers. "Consumers in these communities at long last have a better choice for TV," said Verizon Northeast's president, Christopher Creager in a press release.

The competition, however, is likely to be fierce, and experts expect Time Warner to point to last week's widespread network glitch as evidence that the futuristic FiOS network is not what it seems.

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