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How to Save Money on Digital Cable with Time Warner Cable

Do you want to save money on digital cable TV service from Time Warner Cable? Many people are finding that their budgets aren’t stretching as far as they used to, and cable television is one place they’re looking to save money.

Digital  TV

Fortunately, Time Warner Cable is offering some great deals on digital cable service to new subscribers. Sign up for digital cable today and you can get pricing as low as $49.95 for all of Time Warner Cable’s expansive digital cable features.  These include:

·    Many Of Your Favorite Channels – Digital TV offers a wide variety of the best channels of TV programming and music channels with superior digital pictures and sound. And you get local channels at no additional cost.

·    Free On Demand Shows and Movies – Digital TV subscribers have access to more than 10,000 TV shows, movies, and sports programming every single month – many of which are broadcast in HD.  And with On Demand, you’re not tied down to when a program is scheduled to air; you can watch anytime that’s convenient for you.

·    Digital Video Recorder (DVR) – Goodbye videotapes! DVRs offer Time Warner customers amazing convenience.  You can record all of your favorite programs – even when you’re not home – to watch at a convenient time.  Plus you can fast-forward through commercials, pause, and rewind your recordings, and well as pause and rewind live TV.

·    On-Screen Program Guide – With the on-screen program guide that comes with Digital TV service, you can see what’s on at the moment and for many days ahead.  You can even use the guide to choose future programs you want to record on your DVR.  And with the program guide search function, you can find programs by name, day and time, or genre.

·    Parental controls – Do you worry about what you’re children are watching on television, especially when you’re not home? Thanks to Digital TV’s parental controls, your worries can be a thing of the past.  Simply choose a password that you keep secret from the kids and you can block any program or channel you choose.

No Long-Term Contract, No Hidden Costs with Digital TV

Unlike satellite providers, your digital cable costs with Time Warner Cable are spelled out right up front.  There’s no long-term contract to sign, no hidden costs, and no additional equipment to buy beyond what Time Warner Cable already provides.  With Time Warner Cable, you’ll get great digital cable TV service at a price you can afford.

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