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Yahoo WiFi Internet and Free Yahoo Instant Messaging from Wireless Hotspots

Online applications giant Yahoo! is serving up some new innovations for testing, including a new home page layout and an exciting new way to use Yahoo! instant messaging services. Yahoo! has asked several of its visitors to fill out a survey that implies a new version of its instant messaging software will be able to access select WiFi hotspots for free.

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Yahoo! WiFi: Yahoo! Messenger on the Go

Yahoo! is partnering with an unannounced WiFi provider to include access to certain WiFi hotspots with its popular messaging application. Yahoo! plans to include new software called Yahoo! On-The-Go with future Yahoo! Messenger downloads with the built-in capacity to connect users to certain wireless Internet access hotspots. Sending and receiving Yahoo! messages is absolutely free for any Yahoo! user.

This new offering is boldly positioned to help Yahoo! dominate the instant messaging software arena. Although instant messaging has enjoyed incredible popularity, it has remained chained to home broadband Internet networks. Cellular text messaging filled a completely different niche, allowing users to keep in touch with their friends and family while on the go, often for a per-message charge.

Yahoo! Messenger, on the other hand, has positioned itself to compete directly with cellular text messaging with a comparable service offered in major metropolitan areas for free. In the very near future, users will be able to communicate with their friends and family while sitting in coffee shops and waiting for their flights in major airports.

Yahoo! Provides Wireless Internet Access with Premium Yahoo! On-The-Go

In addition to free wireless instant messaging, Yahoo! Messenger users may subscribe to unlimited Internet access from partnered hotspots. This service allows users to access any content they want from the Web while connected to a Yahoo! hotspot for a low monthly fee of $7.95. If you happen to notice you are within range of a Yahoo! WiFi hotspot but do not travel enough to warrant the monthly access fee, you may also purchase access time for $2.95 for every two hours.